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CORNISH GOLF CLUB                                                                                                                                 See Testimonial

This job has been running for about a year now but should soon come to a successful conclusion.

This Golf Club was struggling to stay afloat and satisfy the requirements of its largest debtor, a business bank.  I was asked to help strenghten the management team by providing detailed financial business plans and then keeping these updated from monthly management accounts.  Part of this remit was to provide continuous cash monitoring through detailed cash flow forecasts.  Most of this work was carried out using spead sheet programs that I have developed over the years particularly for this type of work.

The management objective was to do everything possible to set up the club as an attractive sale proposition within one year of my work commencing.  Achieving this at the right price would mean that the owners could recover their original investment without making a significant loss.

During the work I was also asked to help improve and maintain the clubs website so that revenues from the course and the club house could be maximised.  This was done and proved to be very effective in pulling in traffic from the existing club membership as well new enquiries.

The sale of the club is now in hand.




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